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Skating Coaches

When choosing a coach there are many things to consider; cost, availability and qualifications.  Feel free to make inquiries to assure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

 Cost – Coaches rates will vary based on qualifications and experience.  On average you can expect to pay anywhere from $6.00 - $10.00 for a 10 minute private lesson.  Keep in mind that rates will vary if there is more than one person in the group (semi private or group instruction) and length of the lesson (10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes or more).  If you are unsure and are shopping around, be sure to ask the coach for a fee schedule before committing to any lessons.

Availability – Check to see if the coach is available on the sessions you are planning to skate on.  If you are interested in a specific coach, check their availability first and then try to skate on those sessions.  If skating on a certain day is more important, register for the session and then check with the coach, or Skating Club office for coach’s availability.

Qualifications – All coaches are required to be registered with Skate Canada, the governing body of skating in Canada.  This insures they are qualified as coaches, have current first aid and are insured.  The standard qualification levels are mandated by the Coaches Association of Canada and are based on the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).  Coaches are designated through certification as CanSkate coaches or NCCP Levels (1,2,3,4,5).  As a point of reference, there is only one NCCP level 5 certified Figure Skating Coach in Canada, and you need to be Level 4 to coach at an Olympic games.  Coaches are also required to participate in the Coaches Education Program (CEP).  In this program they are rewarded points for participating in various types of activities such as Leadership, Continuous Education, Seminars, Conventions, workshops, planning, etc.  Every two years the Coaches are rated Gold, Silver or Bronze based on the points they have accumulated.

Make sure you communicate on a regular basis with your coach.  It may be via email, phone or a conversation in person or even notes back and forth in the Skaters Journal.  Set goals at the beginning of the year, and communicate with the coach to ensure you are on track. 

 Tigran Arakelyan  tikoara@ hotmail.com 13 years
 NCCP Level 3
 Sarah Barton
 sarahssg@ hotmail.com 8 years  NCCP Level 1
 Gold  $51.00/hr
 Mark Bradshaw
 coachmarkbradshaw@ gmail.com 10 years
 NCCP Level 3, Part 4
 Cheryl Conrod  chercon02@ yahoo.ca 20 years  NCCP Level 1, Part 2 & 3     $46.00 - $51.00/hr
 Jennifer Court
 jennifer.a.court@ gmail.com 5 years  NCCP Level 1
 Karon Dalby
 karon@ skateoakville.ca  25 plus  LTS Coordinator, NCCP Level 2, Part 3  Gold  
 Carlie Dixon
 cdixon83@ gmail.com 3 years

 NCCP Primary STAR Certified, Trained ISPC

 Sandra Fielding  sfielding2@ cogeco.ca 21 years  NCCP Level 2, Part 3     $8.50/10 min
 Ann Fisher  pfisher23@ cogeco.ca 26 years  NCCP Level 3
 Gold   $54.00/hr + HST
 Paul Fisher  fishersharpening@ cogeco.ca 26 years  NCCP Level 3
 Silver   $54.00/hr + HST
 Tracey Freitas  traceypacheco@ rogers.com 10 years
 NCCP Level 1, Part 2  Silver   $48.00/hr
 Jennifer Fryer  jenn.fryer@ gmail.com 15 years
 NCCP Level 1     $8.25/10 min
 Kathy Hannaford
 skhannaford@ bell.net 24 years
 NCCP Level 2
 Michael Hopfes  michaelhopfes@hotmail.com    NCCP Level 3    
 Donna Ireland  direland5@ yahoo.ca 21 years  NCCP Level 3    $60.00/hr
 Michelle Leigh
 leighmichelle@ hotmail.com 28 years
 NCCP Level 5  Gold  
 Debbie Lee  dleeskates@ hotmail.com 26 years
 NCCP Level 3     $60.00/hr
 Carolyn MacCuish  carolynmac@live.ca  2 years  NCCP Primary STAR trained    
 MK MacDougall  mk.macdougall@ outlook.com  2 years  NCCP Level 3
 Tara McBride-Schooley  taramcbride@ cogeco.ca 19 years
 NCCP Level 2, Part 3
 Robin Miller-Bush  LUV2SK8@ cogeco.ca 24 years
 NCCP Level 2
 Silver   $52.00/hr
 Kathryn Milovac
 julygirl93@ hotmail.com 4 years
 NCCP Level 1
    $7.00/ 10 min
 Norma Petriska
 norma.petriska@ gmail.com 45 years
 NCCP Level 3
 Gold   $60.00/hr
 Michael Stewart
 mike.stewart@ hotmail.com  2 years
 NCCP Level 1  Gold   $45/hr,  Harness $60/hr
 Enid Stronach  estronach@ cogeco.ca 34 years
 NCCP CanSkate     $7.00/10 min
 Jeff Trott

 j_trott1978@ yahoo.ca

 3 years
 NCCP Primary STARSkate Trained  Bronze   $55.00/hr
 Lee Varteressian leevskates@ hotmail.com 42 years
 NCCP Level 2, Part 3  Silver   $56.00/hr + HST
 Peggy Ward  pegskate8@ cogeco.ca 26 years  NCCP Level 3  Gold   $60.00/hr + HST
 Mary Warren  m.warren58@ hotmail.com 28 years  NCCP Level 2, Part 3     $52.00/hr
 Edie Wilson
 ee.wilson@ hotmail.com  5 years
 NCCP Level 1     $48.00/hr
 Zeni Wolfe  zeni.wolfe@ gmail.com 16 years
 NCCP Level 2, Part 3     $9.00/10 min
 Kathy Zahakos  kathy.zahakos@ gmail.com 12 years
 NCCP Level 2, Part 3  Gold   $50.00/hr


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