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Skate Oakville provides competitive sessions for pairs skaters wishing to compete in qualifying events within Skate Canada, as well as International events.
Bruno Marcotte and Meagan Duhamel oversee our pairs competitive programs.



Competitive Levels and Criteria  

The Competitive Pairs program is by invitation.

Please speak to your base coach directly should you be interested in pursuing pairs skating.

Competitive Fees, Policies & Refund Info


Competitive fees are based on the length of the session, how many weeks the session runs, and whether or not any coaching is included on the session, or if off ice training is included in the package.

We are pleased to announce Pairs Program structure for the upcoming 2019-20 skating season. There are two types of registration. An all inclusive package for skaters training in the program full time and a “pay as you go” card for skaters training in the Oakville Pairs Program on a part time basis.

Please note that participation in the Pairs Program on either part time or full time basis is by invite only and is at the sole discretion of Bruno Marcotte and Meagan Duhamel.

All Inclusive

All inclusive registration includes ice time, group lessons, lift classes, flex-a-fit classes and essentrics.  Actual schedules will be determined by Bruno and Meagan.  All inclusive pairs fees are $525 per skater per month plus the annual membership fees.  Membership fees consist of $44 Skate Canada fee (if applicable), $50 Skate Oakville fee, and an $80 Skate Ontario Skater Lottery fundraising fee.

When registering the program cost will be displayed as $3,675, but the computer is set up for monthly installments of $525 a month starting September 1st.   The membership fees totaling $174 are charged at registration.  Please let us know via email (office@skateoakville.ca) if you are not registering with Skate Canada and we will remove this charge.


Pay as you go

Skaters invited to pairs sessions on a part time basis may buy a card with 25 “Pairs Credits”.  We will keep the card in the office and mark off credits as follows:

  • On ice session – 1 credit
  • On ice group – 2 credits
  • Off ice lift lesson – 1 credit
  • Off ice flex-a-fit – 1 credit
  • Off ice essentrics – 1 credit

The card will be available to check whenever the office is open, and you will be emailed when it is empty.  Cards are $500 and are available both online in purchase other products section of website and in person at the office. Please note that Bruno and Meagan will determine the times when you will be able to participate in the program based on availability.


Mandatory Membership Fees

  1. The Skate Canada (SC) Fee of $44 is only charged once per year (Sep 1 to Aug 31) and pays for your SC membership and insurance. We forward this fee on to SC on your behalf. The SC Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  2. The Skate Oakville membership fee of $50 is only charged once per year (Sep 1 to Aug 31) and entitles you to skating on Skate Oakville sessions.
  3. The Ontario Skaters' Promotional Contest Ticket Booklets at a cost of $80 is our annual fundraiser.  Two ticket booklets are included with your registration at a cost of $80. You may sell the raffle tickets to family and friends and keep the money as you have already paid for the booklets. Alternatively you may enter yourself into the raffle and fill out all the tickets with your name. The ticket stubs are due back by Dec 31 so they can be mailed in to be included in the draw. The draw takes place at the Provincials competition in March.

Full payment of mandatory membership fees is required at time of registration.  Session fees may be split into monthly installments beginning September 1 (Main Season). Installment option is available for Spring/Summer as well.

  • Refund requests must be done by email to the office. (office@skateoakville.ca)
  • The $44 Skate Canada fees are non-refundable for any reason.
  • The $50 Skate Oakville fees and $80 fundraising fees are not refundable after the start of the season.

Full refund policies are available here.

Missed Classes

We use the same policy for missed classes as the Town of Oakville. "Participants are to attend all classes as scheduled for the program in which they are registered. In the event that a participant is unable to attend a scheduled class(es), make-up classes, refunds, or credits for the missed class(es) will not be provided."

Competitive Seasons

Main Season - September 3, 2019 to March 29, 2020

Schedule - Main 2019-20

Summer Season - July 2 to August 16, 2019

Schedule - Summer 2019

Please see "My Family Calendar" found under "My Account" for your own personalized calendar.

My skater is interested in pairs skating, how do I sign them up?

Speak directly to your base coach for more information. The Competitive Pairs program is by invitation only and invitations are at the discretion of Bruno Marcotte and Meagan Duhamel.

Does Pairs skating distract from Singles skating?

Not necessarily. When starting out, it is common for skaters to compete in both singles and pairs. We encourage all levels of pairs skaters to complement their training with singles lessons to create a more well-rounded skater.