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Winter 2021 – Registration and Schedule

Registration for the first section of Winter 2021 programming will take place Friday, February 19, 2021 at 10:00am – ONLINE ONLY. Our office remains closed and registrations can only be processed online at this time.

W5 Schedule (Feb 22 to Mar 14, 2021)

Skaters must be registered for sessions before entering the building, skaters who are not registered are not permitted inside the building.

Day Ice

Skaters must be registered in advance for Day Time Ice sessions. You can register for “Drop Ins” which is one single session, or for the full program.

Daily Health Screening Questionnaire

The Town of Oakville has returned to DAILY health screening until further notice. You can either print this in advance and complete it the day you are coming to the rink to hand in at the sign in table OR complete the screening online, on the day you are coming to the rink. (Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HBZHWY2 ) 

You CANNOT complete this in advance. You must complete it EACH DAY you are coming to the rink.

COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Parents/Guardians and/or spectators are NOT permitted inside the building at this time due to restrictions surrounding numbers permitted inside a facility.

Skaters and coaches are not permitted to enter the facility until TEN (10) minutes before their session begins. Skaters and coaches must leave the facility IMMEDIATELY after their session to allow for proper sanitization of the area.

All policies and procedures regarding skating during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic remain unchanged. At the time of registration, you agree to read and follow all current and future policies and procedures regarding skating during the COVID-19 pandemic. Daily instructions are available on our website.

All policies and procedures are available on our website at all times:  https://www.skateoakville.ca/skating-programs-oakville/covid-19/