Skate Oakville would like to acknowledge the support of all those who volunteer to assist the club in various ways. Below you will find information regarding our volunteer policy, and additional information you may need as a volunteer.

Skate Oakville is a not-for-profit organization that requires the support of volunteers to operate. As a parent with a skater/skaters registered in any of the Skate Oakville programs listed below, you are required to commit to a number of tasks for the 2018-2019 season. The number of commitments to be completed per family is calculated on a per skater and per program basis, to a maximum of (5) commitments per family. The number of commitments per program is as follows:

– STARSkate A & B – no commitment required

– STARSkate C & D – (1) commitment required

– Pre Comp – no commitment required

– Base Comp – (1) commitment required

– Advanced Comp – (1) commitment required

– Elite Comp – (2) commitments required

– Select Comp – (2) commitments required

– Jr Dance Comp – (1) commitment required

– Dance Comp – (1) commitment required

– Synchro Beginner 1 & 2 – no commitment required

– Synchro Elementary – (1) commitment required

– Synchro Pre Juvenile – (2) commitments required

– Synchro Juvenile – (2) commitments required

– Synchro Pre-Novice – (2) commitments required

– Synchro Novice – (2) commitments required

– Synchro Intermediate – (2) commitments required

If a skater is on a Mixed/Open session, the commitment is for the STAR level your skater qualifies for.

If possible, please select your volunteer position(s) for the season during the online registration process for programs. The number of credits per position is specified on the list. The volunteer positions will be available on a first-come, first serve basis. If you do not select all of your commitments at registration, please keep in mind that you must register for or have completed all of your obligations/commitment requirements by March 10, 2019 or you will be subject to a charge of $150.00 per required commitment/obligation.

As a reminder for all members, please note that Skate Oakville volunteer obligations must be fulfilled by one of the parents of the skater/skaters. High School students may also volunteer to satisfy High School volunteer hours but those volunteers hours do not count towards the Skate Oakville volunteer obligations. If you have any questions regarding volunteering, please do not hesitate to email the volunteer chair at

As you know, Skate Oakville could not operate without the assistance of volunteers to help out at events. As such, each member’s volunteer efforts are greatly valued and appreciated. On behalf of the Board, we thank you in advance for your continued engagement and your dedication to the club.

Below you will find links to documents that contain descriptions of some volunteer positions that will be available for selection, as well as any additional information related to volunteering at Skate Oakville.

How To Add Volunteer Positions

Synchrofest Volunteer Information

Raffle Ticket Distribution

CanSkate Greeter

As you know, Skate Oakville could not host events such as the Ice Show without the support of our members stepping up to volunteer and assist us with everything behind the scenes. All parents of skaters registered in STAR/Competitive Ice Show numbers are required to complete a certain number of volunteer commitments per number and per skater. These are in addition to your Main Season volunteer commitments.

The number of commitments is calculated on a per number and per skater basis. The maximum number of commitments per family is 5. The volunteer requirements are as follows for the 2019 Ice Show:

  • CanSkate Numbers: No Requirement
  • 1 STAR/Comp Number: 1 commitment
  • 2 STAR/Comp Numbers: 2 commitments
  • 3 STAR/Comp Numbers: 2 commitments

Please register for your commitments through the Skate Oakville website. The number of credits for each position is specified on the list. Volunteer positions are available on a first come, first serve basis. The available positions do not include Court Moms for the numbers or props.

The volunteer coordinator for the event will be in touch with you closer to the event to let you know what your position will be and what time to arrive. Shift times are approximate and depending on what job you are assigned will dictate start and end times.

As a reminder to all members, Skate Oakville volunteer commitments must be fulfilled by a parent of the skater. High school students are able to volunteer to fulfill high school volunteer hours only. If you have any questions regarding volunteering, please do not hesitate to email the volunteer chair at .