Feedback to Improve Our Services

While we strive to offer inclusive and interesting programming, Skate Oakville acknowledges that there are always areas for improvement and future development.

Skate Oakville welcomes feedback from members of the skating, and the wider community to ensure our programming and services continue to excel and meet the needs of our community.

Please feel free to provide feedback to the Skate Oakville team by e-mailing: It is always great to hear where programs are working, and capture feedback and comments for future planning purposes. The messages will be read by office staff who will also manage any responses as appropriate.


Ombudsman for Dispute Resolution

Skate Oakville encourages its members (skaters, coaches, and parents) to resolve any issues which may arise with another club member or staff member as they arise, through either direct discussion with the individual concerned, or through a staff member of the club.

The Skate Oakville Board of Directors are also available to any club member if the issue cannot be addressed with the other club member or staff member directly.

Skate Oakville also recognises that there are rare instances where resolution cannot be reached, and the Skate Oakville Ombudsman is available for those instances where members feel that an alternative approach is warranted.

The Skate Oakville Ombudsman is a club member who is not a member of the club’s Board of Directors and is not a staff member. He or she will investigate concerns and complaints from any skating club member in a confidential manner. The role of the Ombudsman is to assist, wherever possible, in finding a suitable resolution to the problem that satisfies all parties concerned, and that is in keeping with Skate Oakville’s core values of integrity, inclusiveness, innovation and passion for excellence.

The form below is secure and confidential. Messages sent via this form are read only by the current Ombudsman. Our current Ombudsman is Jason Swales. You can expect to receive an initial response to your message within 48 hours.

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