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Peter Beaumont

English ice dancer Peter Beaumont is  a two-time World Junior bronze medalist,  2022-2023 Junior Grand Prix Final champion, a four-time ISU Junior Grand Prix medallist, and the 2023 Canadian Junior champion.

Coaching Philosophy

As part of a team, my target when teaching all skaters, is for them to feel free to express themselves on the ice. I hope to share my passion for the sport, encourage creativity and support skaters in finding their own identity on the ice.


Julia Mercer

With a background that spans national level pair skating and six years as a principal performer with Disney on Ice, I've accumulated a wealth of experience in the world of figure skating. With 10+ years of coaching experience, including a leadership role as head coach in Amsterdam, I've dedicated my coaching career to nurturing the next generation of skaters with a focus on skill development and passion for the sport.
Coaching Philosophy
As a figure skating coach, I prioritize hard work and skill development while also sharing and fostering a love for skating and ensuring that athletes have fun on the ice. I believe in creating a supportive environment where every skater feels empowered to reach their full potential. By balancing dedication with enjoyment, I aim to instill a lifelong passion for skating in my students.
Alex Demetriou

I have been skating for 28 years having previously competed at national level in pairs and many successful years at a professional level. I was a principle performer at Disney on Ice, Royal Caribbean cruiselines, and a TV show in the UK called Dancing on Ice. I honed my skills as a coach in Amsterdam learning from a Russian and French coach. I love seeing an individual fall in love with the sport and want to be as successful as they possibly can be.

As a figure skating coach I priotize the love of skating while also teaching hard work and perseverance. With this comes dedication and a lot of committment, so it is important to make it an enjoyable experience.


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