Before you depart for the Rink

  • Ensure you have all your skating equipment including, skates, guards, gloves, and anything else you will need, including a water bottle, tissues, hand sanitizer and a mask.
  • Make sure you have id and proof of vaccination for anyone 12 and older
  • Complete the Town Daily Screening form:
  • Make sure you are arriving for your scheduled session only. Skaters/coaches will only be admitted to the facility based on the session(s) for which they are registered.

 When you arrive at the Rink

  • Masks are mandatory in the building except for skaters while they are ON the ice.
  • You may warm up in the parking lot.
  • Entrance for ALL rinks through the lower Athletes Entrance
  • You will be permitted entrance to the facility 20 minutes before your scheduled ice time.
  • Sanitize your hands when entering the building
  • Upon entering the building, there will be a check-in table outside rink #2, where you will check-in for your session and ensure all required screening is completed.
  • You will then proceed to the assigned dressing room to get skates on.
  • Parents/Guardians are permitted to enter with skaters. You will also be required to check in and complete the online screening. Viewing areas are in the stands for all rinks.
  • Only one adult/guardian is permitted with a minor.

 When you go on the ice

  • Please remained spaced at least 2m apart when entering the ice.
  • Please space any items on the boards, such as water bottles and guards.
  • Masks are required in the building for everyone at all times except for skaters when ON the ice.
  • Please dispose of used tissue after use – you are responsible for providing your own tissues. Tissues must not be left around the boards or players benches.
  • Please be careful posting pictures or images on social media. The perception in photos can make skaters/coaches look closer than they appear, so be smart about photos and posting.
  • Please give the right of way to skaters and coaches entering and exiting the ice.

When your session is over

  • Remember to space at least 2m apart when exiting the ice and take all your belongings with you.
  • Proceed to the dressing room to take your skates off.
  • Exit the building immediately – you have 10 minutes to exit the building after your session.


  • Have your own hand sanitizer and use it regularly – the rinks will not be sanitized on a regular basis.
  • Health screening is online only – one per day each day you are at the Rink Online Daily Health Screening Questionnaire
  • Procedures will be updated as things are revised and modified. Please monitor this COVID page for all information and updates:

The Town of Oakville will be enforcing their new Vaccination Policy effective tomorrow, Wednesday, September 22nd. This policy will require any entrant 12 years and over, to any recreational facility in the Town of Oakville, for any reason, to be fully vaccinated. They will need to provide proof of vaccination and proof of completed online Covid screening before entering the building. We also recommend you bring photo ID where applicable.

A Security team has been hired at the entrance to all facilities, and they will be responsible for screening everyone before they can enter the facility. All our skaters and their families will now be required to complete the Town of Oakville Covid screening, not the Skate Oakville screening, which is accessible on the Town of Oakville site or through the QR code on the facility doors and the link below, every day before entrance is granted.

What does this mean for our members and skaters?

If you are 12 years of age and older, not fully vaccinated, and cannot provide proof of medical exemption per the Town Policy, then you will not be allowed to enter the facility.

As a result of this, an additional credit policy and a declaration will be added to the registration process with immediate effect.

 Any registration made after today for a skater who does not meet the new vaccination requirements will be cancelled with no credit or refund.

Any sessions already paid for prior to today, which cannot be used, will be credited to the Skate Oakville account.

We will also be asking all families to complete a declaration at registration stating that the member is aware of, and can comply with the vaccination policy and that should the skater be denied access to the facility due to not meeting the requirements, Skate Oakville will not be held responsible for issuing credits for sessions lost.

Members should allow extra time and arrive earlier than normal as there could be delays at the screening process, especially on high traffic hockey, Town skate and Learn to Skate days. Skate Oakville will not credit sessions lost due to screening delays.

This Policy is one we have to adhere to and if you need to, please direct any concerns to the Town of Oakville.

Links below to:

Skate Oakville Board of Directors

Proof of Vaccination Credit/Refund Policy:

If any skater cannot participate in their sessions purchased prior to September 21st due to not meeting the Town of Oakville vaccination requirements, Skate Oakville will credit the skater’s account with the value of the remaining sessions already paid for. Please contact the Office for the credit to be applied.

Please allow extra time for the screening at the facility entrance as there could be delays due to the review of documentation for each entrant. Skate Oakville will not be crediting accounts for the loss of sessions due to delays at screening.

Declaration of Required Vaccinations:

I have read and fully understand the current vaccination requirements from the Town of Oakville for participation in Skate Oakville programming. I hereby declare that my skater and any family member who might be entering the facility have complied with the requirements of the Town of Oakville vaccination policy and understand that once this declaration is made, Skate Oakville will not be required to credit any lost sessions purchased after September 21st due to failure to comply with the policy.

All rinks will enter through the Athletes Entrance located on the lower level on the west side of the building.

You may enter the building 20 minutes prior to your session.

Designated warm up area is the upper bowl of rink #1 – please keep at least 2m apart when warming up.

The Town of Oakville has opened up the Sixteen Mile Sports Complex and granted Return to Play status to Skate Oakville based on the guidelines and protocols provided and communicated to our members. Unfortunately, even as we stress the need for adherence and respect, we have several members that have made it a requirement to develop disciplinary protocols so that we may ensure these privileges are not in jeopardy for the majority that are respecting the protocols.

In the event the Return to Play protocols in place at Sixteen Mile Sports Complex are not adhered to or respected, the following action will be taken.

  1. A communication to the person/parents of the violation will be delivered. This will be considered a first communication that there is a problem and the actions will not be tolerated.
  2. If this continues, a second communication will happen, and this will be considered a warning that should the actions continue they will be suspended from activity as well as not be permitted near the facility.
  3. On the third instance, they will be asked to leave the premises immediately and not permitted to return until notified by the COVID Oversight Group. The COVID Oversight Group will review the situation and determine if a suspension is warranted and the length of the suspension.


These actions are in place to protect the health and safety of all participants including skaters, coaches, parents and staff.

Do I need to complete a Daily Health Screening Questionnaire?

YES. All skaters, coaches, staff, and parents/guardians who are entering the facility MUST complete a Daily Health Screening Questionnaire AND be able to answer “NO” to ALL of the questions. If you answer “YES” to any questions, DO NOT come to the rink.

Do I need to sign in for my session?

YES. All skaters and coaches are REQUIRED to sign in for each session they attend.

Why do I have to sign in for my session?

Per COVID-19 policies and procedures, and regulations set by governing bodies, all skaters and coaches MUST sign in for sessions they are attending for contact tracing purposes. In the event that someone on your session tests positive for COVID-19 we must be able to inform you of this information.

Can I use the washroom during my session?

Skaters and coaches are permitted to use the washroom before or after their session, while they are inside the building. Skaters and coaches are NOT PERMITTED to leave the rink and enter the hallway during sessions. Washrooms are for emergencies only.

Can I watch my skaters session?

Yes, however there is a limit of 1 adult per minor.  For parents, the entrance is through the Athletes Entrance.  You must sign in and do the online screening at the Skate Oakville check in table. Masks are mandatory and you must stay at least 2m from others.


If you (skater/coach) test positive COVID-19:

  • The person who has tested positive for COVID-19 must inform the Skate Oakville office as soon as possible after receiving the test information.
  • They must inform us of their last visit to the rink, and which session(s) they were on.
  • They must quarantine for 14 days before returning to the rink


If you (skater/coach) were on the same session as a positive case:

  • Upon notification from the person who has tested positive, Skate Oakville will notify those who have been on a session with this person.
  • All those who were on the session must go get tested as soon as possible after receiving this notification
  • The skater/coach cannot return to the rink until they are able to provide Skate Oakville with a negative test (screenshot of Negative test, showing name and date).


Missed Sessions due to Positive Test Result or Quarantine (related to a positive test result on a session):

  • Keep track of any sessions that your skater has missed that you are registered for
  • At the end of the quarantine, or upon providing a negative test result, please email with the missed sessions and skater name