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Debbie Lee




Level of Certification:

Level 3 Ice Dance Technical

Level 3 Ice Dance Theory

Level 3 Ice Dance Practical



Private lesson – $17/15 min.

Test supervision fee – $17

Packaging Fee – Solo Skaters: $50 music research and cuts (final editing goes to Peggy)

$25 dress design

– Dance Teams: $75 each for costume research, design, dressmaker consults

Competition Supervision Fee:

Local area – 1-1.5 hourly rate minimum / event

Outside GTA – 2 hours minimum/event plus applicable mileage and accommodation


Coaching Experience, Skating Background and Additional Training:

1973 Novice Canadian Dance Champion

1976 Junior Canadian Dance Champion

1977 Senior Canadian Bronze Medalist and International Team Member

Coached all levels of dance.

I have produced Provincial Champions, National level Novice, Junior and Senior competitors and international medalists.

I have coached many skaters through to their gold medal in dances,interpretive skating and skills tests.

BSc inPsychology from the University of Toronto Specialized in behavour management of youth.


Coaching Philosophy:

I believe all children want to succeed. My role is to facilitate this success by goal setting, implementing a plan and supporting them along this sometimes bumpy terrain we call skating! A skaters’ success is not measured exclusively by test or competition results. Many variables can affect these outcomes and skaters can learn from all their skating experiences. I encourage them to keep their eye on the end goal and together we will get there. As a team, I count on my skaters’ consistent effort, parent encouragement of their child’s ongoing efforts and my expertise in the area being developed