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Jacqueline Beriault



Level of Certification: Canskate certified, Primary STARSkate Certified

Rate:  $10 / 15 mins

Coaching Experience, Skating Background and Additional Training:       

I have been coaching for 4 years now. I teach 3yrs of age to adults. I am widely versed in the 4 areas of STARSkate being: free skate, dance, skills and interpretive.

I have my first aid.

I am currently doing my university degree so that I can become a teacher.

I speak French.

Coaching Philosophy:

I ensure that all of my skaters are well rounded in the areas of STARSkate so that they can continue to improve upon different skills.

I ensure my skaters have a solid foundation so that once that is in place we can develop new and harder skills.

I always make sure my skaters are comfortable with what they are doing and what I am asking of them.

I will always give my best effort when they are giving me theirs.